⚡️MLM PREMIERE⚡️ BandmanLani, Hotblox Nug, and Miles Foster - Middle Man

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Written by Greg Harris  

The 3rd Coast has established themselves as being a powerful source in the hip-hop community, but if the South has become the catalyst of the modern hip sound then Atlanta has to be one of the main headquarters for some of the trendiest songs thats getting play across all platforms. As the Peach State becomes more responsible for breaking some of the genre's most important artists, it's some new acts who are surfacing in the city to climb up the ranks in 2018.

In a search of new content on social media, Modern Life Mag came across the talents of BandmanLani, Hotblox Nug, and Miles Foster with their potential hit, "Middle Man". The ATL esque record finds the trio spilling bars about the eliminating the man in the middle, sipping sizzurp with etiquette, naming their pistols, foreign women, and more trap lingo that's going to set them apart in the growing scene in ATL.

Check out the video below.

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