⚡️MLM Premiere⚡️ Ca$h Fendi links up with Se7en x SickoFinesse for gritty visual, "Man Down"

Cash Fendi Man Down GIF .gif


Written by Greg Harris 

Coming off the heels of his inaugural release, Ca$h Fendi has established himself as a serious lyricist with his slicing single, "The Complimentary" to making a catchy yet differentiated single with "Shy Bitch", easily showing he's an act to keep an eye on in 2018.

"Creme De La Creme" set the foundation the young Houston rapper, and it continues to grow with more releases. Today we shine a spotlight not only on Ca$h's ascension but some of the key players of The TRBE as well. In the Deezy Miaci directed visual, it shows Fendi, Se7en, and SickoFinesse playing off one another giving off ill verses with visuals to match.

Check it out here.