Dylan Cohl breathes life into his testimony on "Death Proof"

Written by Greg Harris

MLM Rating: 4.1 Stars out of 5 Stars

The Houston music scene is growing at a fast rate but it's maintaining a sense of maturity with certain artists growing out of their comfortable zone to create new and eccentric sounds. Among the people who are advancing in their respective art, Dylan Cohl has set himself apart from the pack with his unique approach of balancing the responsibility of delivering his sound as a producer and rapper. 

The responsibility that the Port Arthur hybrid artist carries seems effortless on this 6 track EP. The growth from his Cowboy Jones projects is found in the underbelly of his beats such as "Boys of Summer" which is a trippy interlude that's co-produced by Wolf De Mchls that takes you into the world of Cohl. Aside from records that take you into another element, Cohl's penmanship is evident with songs like the reality ridden melody of "Summers End" to the project most impactful's single "Look At Me" featuring respectable Houston by the way of Queens, NY artist Easy Yves Saint. This project is the perfect bounce back by Cohl to continue the legacy of "Cowboy Jones" but shine a light on the focus of his truths and his reality rather than making a catchy tracklist that one can breeze through. 

If you've haven't got familiar with Cohl's sound before, you can stream the project below and check out his visual for "Look At Me".