Native Youth shows versatile electro-soul feels on “Second Chances”


Written by Greg Harris

MLM Rating // 3.8 out of 5 Stars 

The Florida music scene is a bubbling genre with its rap scene growing with its own spectrum of artists such as Wifisfuneral, Smokepurpp, Prez P, and more but the R&B scene hasn’t much praise. Coming the beach lands of Miami, Native Youth stands tall as one of the principal representatives to the vibes of soul back to the South and into the mainstream forefront. Recently getting familiar with her work, it’s easy to say that her recent body of work “Second Chances” provides the perfect blend of lo-fi electric music with strong elements of soul. 

Youth provides a smooth transitional flow of songs but it’s crazy how intricate she shows different elements of human relationships in the project. From her standout duet single with J.K. Reaper, “Understatement” to the slow mellow vibes on “Give It Time” to the late night jam “Bad Things”. The versatility found in the release was surprising and it shows what kind of palette that she’s working with. 

The future of Florida is definitely in the right hands and it’s a must you give this project a listen below.