Goon Des Garcons' “Sore Loser” is for the Modern Rebel


Written by Greg Harris

MLM Rating // 4.1 out of 5 stars

In today’s hip-hop scene, the dedication to the rock star is becoming more prevalent and widespread. In this mix of imitations of Kobain to Sid Vicious, it’s a lot of artists who aren’t thoroughly giving this form of delivery in style and content its justice. The ones who go on the idea of it being a fad are to soon vanish in the next few months but artists who are representing the imagery of a die hard rebel do it with a certain sense of devotion. 

Coming the from the land of Lil Rock, Arkansas and relocating himself in Los Angeles, Goon Des Garcons has grown to be an independent act who’s climbed the ladder of the ranks in his city and now has been featured on All Def Digital, BReal TV, and had one of his singles, “Back on The Road” on Netflix Original Movie, “Take The 10” featuring Josh Peck. 

Since then he’s revolutionized his sound to a solid piece work. You can hear it in his latest project, “Sore Loser”, which is the modern cry out to break all borders. Betting on yourself and taking a control of your destiny are topics that Goon touches on when he speaks about going to Japan on “Shia Labeouf” but he doesn’t shy away from the rhythms of rock with his rage themed anthem, “Cheshire”. The project is a psychedelic trip for the listener in just enough of a duration where you can get a sure fire feel for Goon’s melodies. Some parts of the album do share favors to the sound of Travis Scott, but he establishes a boundary where he still holds a strong force field of his originality. 

It’s a must listen, and you can stream it below.