Thug Testimonies: Mozzy showing a different side of Sacramento 

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Written by Greg Harris

The internet has become a base for new artists to emerge on platforms faster than ever, and it gives listeners a boundless experience when it comes to getting familiar with new acts. When it comes to some of these acts, these artists are brewing in pots where they are constantly on various platforms, but they may not have the national attention that can make them an overnight success. Aside it may be a slow but firm ride, Sacramento rapper Mozzy shows he’s on the brink of stardom on his latest project, “1 Up Top Ahk”. 

Loosely getting introduced to his sounds through various interviews and features I’ve seen from some press releases, Mozzy has just made his way onto our radar but we’re more than happy that he has done so. The artist from California’s capital presents a different side of the city that doesn’t shed light on the local government or what’s happening at the Golden 1 Center rather he focuses on the trials and tribulations in the less fortunate sections of his hometown. From records such as “Sleep Walkin” to “Take It Up With God” to “Afraid”, Mozzy describes his feelings of hunger for his destiny, escaping his vices, nurturing his loved ones, and ultimately how he wants to be a legend beyond the streets of Oak Park. 

His words on here are heartfelt, but it’s spoken and instrumentally directed from a place of past pain, a present place of resilience, and future state of prosperity. For a California artist to produce a body of work with a track list of testimonies that can stand alone even though he has features from Lil Durk, Lil Boosie, Dave East, and YFN Lucci, Mozzy shows much promise for someone who’s going to have a bright 2018. In an age where a new age of rap is making it’s way to forefront, Mozzy is among one of the older artists who choose to stick to his roots and it’s definitely working. Get in tuned with one of the “Golden State” most promising acts below. 

Listen to “1 Up Top Ahk” below