Why Lil Wop is one of Atlanta’s Brightest Stars + Gucci Mane cosigned him

Written by Greg Harris

Atlanta has been known as the hotbed to some of the most current and outrageous stars to brace our televisions and streaming services. From the unique talents of Young Thug to the superstar emergence of Future and Migos to the resurrection of Gucci Mane’s rise, Atlanta is at the center of what the world wants when it comes to their style and sound. As these stars are making their own waves, Lil Wop, an emerging rapper from the area has created his own as well. 

Getting introduced to his sound via Soundcloud, Wop is the reincarnation of the primitive forms of Gucci Mane and the early days of Chief Keef when he was crafting “Finally Rich”. Twisting these elements with his own sense of originality sets up a strong foundation for what he brings to the table with his music and how he differentiates himself from the rest of the artists in today’s time. You can recognize the difference on the party anthems, “Bombay” and “Michael Jackson”, where speaks on having cable in the table and “Moonwalking like Michael J” to “Rolling Up”, a southern serenade that blends elements and influence of Young Thug while touching on the topics of females and rolling backwoods. 

Outside of the music he delivers, he’s a character within himself. The image he portrays is a street ridden creative that’s not afraid to break out in trap melodies at any given time. If you’re into the Atlanta music scene, it’s a must you invest your time into Lil Wop because he’s grabbing the culture by the chokehold and making sure the world is paying attention.