Vintage Lee Delivers a Modern Sound to Boston’s Hip Hop Scene 

Written by Greg Harris

When it comes to the city of Boston, a lot of people would not recommend it for its history of hip hop music. Most people would refer it to the dynasties of the Celtics and Patriots, it being the setting of Good Will Hunting, and they’re lively night life. In recent memory, they have garnered the ears of many with acts such as Cousin Stizz and now we have the sounds of Vintage Lee. 

Recently getting in tune with her music, Lee has an energy that is quite mellow but strives to keep vibes extremely lively. In her project “Pimp”, she’s crafted records that speak on the art of finesse, sporting Goyard bags, smelling like exquisite gas, and making sure to keep it playa by all means. The project is short but it provides the perfect length for anyone who wants to get familiar with her sound. 

The Northeast is making their way into the scene with more artists emerging like Ksubi Kayy, Lonny X, Jay Critch, Cousin Stizz, and more. It’s only right if you put in Lee in that bunch who are on the cusp of making their way to be a household name as well.

Stream her project Pimp below