Buddy & Kaytranada create a swank soundtrack for the summer with Ocean and Montana

Written By Daniel Haynes

MLM rating: 3.3 stars

16 minutes, that’s how long the “Ocean and Montana” EP by Compton native Buddy is. However, in those 16 minutes, the EP produced by the inventive KAYTRANADA delivers a rich mix of hip-hop coupled with some funky beats over a smooth melody.

Buddy starts the EP off with fan favourite “Find Me”, which has a soulful feel with over a smooth hip –hop beat coupled with a techno funk feel. The rapper invites someone to find him and takes the listener on a ride with him and tells his story. From being chased by the police to him realizing he cannot lie to himself about who he is.  As Buddy sings ‘Lost and alone, come find me, I just wanna feel love, come try me…” the oh so familiar feel of wanting someone to come looking for us, find us and love us for who we are definitely surfaces, leaving this the best track on the EP. As the 3 minute 42 second track ends, the listener is then put in an upbeat mood with Guillotine.

Pull up in limousine, looking like a guillotine, sipping on the hennesy, what you know about me” starts off Buddy on one of the more upbeat tracks of the EP. The track offers a blend of the same techno funk and hip hop blend found in the first one but with a faster tempo. Buddy starts off the EP with two good tracks back to back.

The next three tracks of the EP are also good but of the three, “World of Wonders” is the best with its dancehall vibe coupled with the story telling of Buddy as he asks a woman to be his Wonder Woman and mate. All around the album shows promise and if Buddy can continue on this good start fans can be satisfied.