Young Thug leaps into Hip Hop's Top Tier with his versatile "Beautiful Thugger Girls" Album

Written By Daniel Haynes

MLM Rating: 5 Stars

What do you get when you have an album executive produced by Drake, Wheezy and London on Da Track mixed with the dynamism of Young Thug’s sound and lyrics? You get “Beautiful Thugger Girls”, an album as diverse as it is experimental which proves to be some of Thug’s best work to date.  With 14 songs with a total run time of about an hour, listeners hear sounds that roam from acoustic pop and folk music, to Caribbean riddims and smooth trap beats.

From the jump, Thug’s experimental sound could be heard in opening track “Family Don’t Matter”. He raps/ sings over a track which has elements of country music over an acoustic pop melody, mixed in with a hard hitting rap beat. The song is raw, fresh, and a new sound and shows Thug’s willingness to experiment, since he can be heard yelling “Ye-haww” at the end of a line. However, the sound is where the experimentation ends and Thug’s signature lyricism and style can be heard. It is a perfect start to the album. As “Family Don’t Matter” fades, the trap familiarity begins with second track “Tomorrow Til Infinity” which features Gunna.

This track is one of the five tracks on the album where another artist is featured, showing Thug’s ability to combine with other artists to create something great.   After “Tomorrow Til Infinity” comes “Do U Love Me” which makes use of a Caribbean flavor and riddim; it then flows into “She Wanna Party”, another feature song with British singer Mille Go Light where Thug tells the age old story of love and lust.

The album goes hard, and is as close to a diverse album as one can listen to, Thug shows his diversity, maturity and willingness to experiment and in the same breath cements himself on the top tier of rap.