Peyton Finds Peace In The Midst of a Storm

Written By Daniel Haynes

MLM Rating 3.6 out of 5 Stars

It’s almost as if Peyton knew that this past winter would’ve provided us with days where we could curl up inside with good music when she released her debut album “Peace in the Midst of a Storm” last November. The project combines soulful lyrics, a smooth wave of uplifting beats coupled with an airy futuristic sound which shows the creative vision of the 18-year-old Houston native. 

No stranger to the music scene, the singer proved to fans with her ten track album that she is more than capable of living up to expectations she has created for herself. The same soothing voice mixed with a hint of realism that has become her trademark since her EP titled “Roller Coaster” remains on her new album. 

In “Peace in the Midst of a Storm” the singer creates the perfect atmosphere. The album explores concepts of love, facing demons, and finding freedom all in 30 minutes.  
Perhaps the most well-known track on the album is “Ride”. Initially released as a single, it combines the futuristic techno sound of an electronic and a bumping bassline which is sure to have you nodding your head. 

The album however, has a few sleepers inclusive of first track “Kingdom of Prince” which goes “Time is fleeting now so don’t try to run from it… keep reaching for what’s in your heart…”  and tells a story of not giving up on life.  Also a sleeper is “Demons” where she sings to someone that they don’t have to be fighting monsters alone since she’ll be there. 

Peyton definitely has fun with this album being a bit cheeky with “Pey-2-0” where she sings “Here’s another song about water…” Fans of the singer will definitely not be disappointed and as you hit play on this album, listeners will be completely at ease as Peyton takes them for a “Ride” down “Star Creek Ocean”.

Listen to the album below and follow Peyton here