Jacob Banks gets sanctified on “The Boy Who Cried Freedom” 

Written by Greg Harris

MLM Review: 4.3 out of 5 Stars

The circulation of new music is one of the most interesting processes that a listener can find themselves in. My official to Jacob Banks was through an internship assignment, I listened to his material in small increments, but it was until the flow of this project, “The Boy Who Cried Freedom” where I saw a bright future for this budding international artist. This five track project pieces together the elements of raw emotion, reflection, and revival.

The subject matter of comparing the peaks of a past relationship to the glory days of Chicago Bulls to expressing moments that he shared with this person singing Bruce Springsteen and Jodeci, Banks reaches a place where he carves out the soul of the record and allow his humility to be the nucleus of how he directs each song. Some of the slower records such as “Part Time Love” and “Photograph” are favored more than the faster ones such as “Unholy War” and Chainsmoking” but they do carry a certain ambient sound that makes them special as well. 

Although this not may be a long project to an artist that some people in the US market aren’t familiar with, it’s a must listen because he’s going to be one of the leading acts that’s going to crossover from the UK to the US. 

Listen to the full project here and some of the highlight tracks below.