Comethazine talks about influences, Instagram, and being a mechanic before getting signed to Alamo Record on Mass Appeal's "Open Space"

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Written by Greg Harris  

Getting his Soundcloud deleted after numerous of songs reaching over a million streams and being from East St. Louis, Illinois, virtually no one is quite familiar with the mystery behind Alamo Records newest signee, Comethazine. The energetic rapper from the South/Midwest is quickly garnering the interests of many with hits such as "Might Cop A Jag" and "Shoot Me" cracking phenomenal numbers, and the best is yet to come with a project looming to release in the first quarter of 2018. Get to know more about the bubbling rapper on Mass Appeal's "Open Space" interview series where he sheds light on his influences from Rick James to 50 Cent, losing his verification check on Instagram, and being a mechanic before inking a deal with Alamo Records.

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