LauraJeanne Faye brings forth light and darkness in her Chapter 1 and 2 releases 

LauraJeanne .jpg

Written by Greg Harris  

As we introduced her sounds to the Modern Life platform, Laura Jeanne has proved herself to be a rising act who’s paving her own lane. In the process of releasing tidbits of her material, Jeanne goes full throttle in unleashing her eccentric flow of music in her projects, “Chapter 1: Light” and “Chapter 2: Darkness”. Both of the projects have a solid balance of soulful ballads with clever wordplay that’s supplied for Laura. You can dig into the deep detail of these records such as “Caged Butterflies”, “Affirmations to a Lover”, “Black & Mild”, and “Sessions”. The “Love Jones” derived vibes are full circle when you lend your ear to the material, but it goes deeper than that with subject matter she delivers. It’s more than poems that are being recited over instrumentation, it’s a focal point of feeling that are separated into two bodies of music that aim to open your ears and your soul. 

Check it out below.