TherapeuticYellowMusic: Why Amine's "GoodForYou" is for the Soul

Aminé dropped the cover art for his album on June 22nd. It features Aminé sitting naked, save his blue jeans and banana undies pooled at his ankles, atop a blue toilet, reading a Good For You Post  underneath blue words proclaiming his debut album title. At first sight, the cover read, to me, as: “Let that sh*t go, it’s good for you”. Aminé stared back at me from the cover somewhat challenging my assumption of meaning from his art direction. So sitting down to listen, I kept my initial thought in mind, and naturally hoped I had foreseen the tone of the project I was about to review. 

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Why Lil Wop is one of Atlanta’s Brightest Stars + Gucci Mane cosigned him

Atlanta has been known as the hotbed to some of the most current and outrageous stars to brace our televisions and streaming services. From the unique talents of Young Thug to the superstar emergence of Future and Migos to the resurrection of Gucci Mane’s rise, Atlanta is at the center of what the world wants when it comes to their style and sound. As these stars are making their own waves, Lil Wop, an emerging rapper from the area has created his own as well. 

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Vintage Lee Delivers a Modern Sound to Boston’s Hip Hop Scene 

When it comes to the city of Boston, a lot of people would not recommend it for its history of hip hop music. Most people would refer it to the dynasties of the Celtics and Patriots, it being the setting of Good Will Hunting, and they’re lively night life. In recent memory, they have garnered the ears of many with acts such as Cousin Stizz and now we have the sounds of Vintage Lee. 

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