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Bloody Osiris kicks it with Illroots in New York

Illroots has resurfaced as a platform that not only has put the spotlight on artists but also different creative individuals who have sparked their own path in the industry. Among the new socialites and powerful people under 25 who are pushing the envelope, Bloody Osiris has taken his vintage New York approach and mixed it with modern sentiments that can be in his influence as a creative director and stylist.

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Talkin' Fresh: Aaron Rice of (Sound) + (Vision)

The music influenced brand has turned it's rocked influenced vibes into a strong following. The garments inspired by the likes of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, and more have set the tone for a brands that have a strong admiration of music that goes beyond the vintage craze that can be found in your local deprtment store in the mall. It's quite evident in the brand's direction and Rice keeps it quite vocal about his work and where it derives on social media. The outspoken approach that this brand has taken has made it easy for them to receive such an organic following and purely in a fashion where it's differentiating themselves in their own lane. 

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Some Good Comes Out Of (Half )Evil: Half Evil Co. Hurricane Harvey Donation Article 

Coming out of the land of Connecticut, Half Evil Co has been making their waves with altering the perception of buying style for cheap. Offering different designs based on the “333” belief, Half Evil delivers these fresh garments for an equal price of $3.33 and it’s a drop that comes with them every month. While creating a system that benefits the supplier and customer, Half Evil decided to use these same forces for Hurricane Harvey with their “Fuck Joel Olsteen” tees. The tees sold out relatively quickly with the tremendous response from Social Media, and in the short time of it’s release, Half Evil collected over $400 during the release. 

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