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WHO GOT NEXT? // Why Southwest Houston is a Goldmine to H-Town Hip Hop

The differentiation has inspired many artists in the city to go above and beyond the stereotypes that have plagued for quite some time but with the large number of artists who are looking to break the mold, the Southwest area of Houston has become a field of growing crop of artists who are making major headway in the hip-hop industry outside the points of Alief.

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The Rundown: Ca$h Fendi

Houston has made its own headway with marketing their beloved artists to multiple sources of press with the likes of Rocky Banks, Wes Blanco, Doeman, Tim Woods, and more. As the scene continues to flourish with more budding artists coming splashing on the scene, Ca$h Fendi of The TRBE has been making sure to the keep the Northside of Houston relevant with his music. Starting a following with his group member, Se7en, the duo has crafted a string of singles like “That Loud”, “Couple Bandz”, and “Fuck 4th Quarter” that has caught the eyes of many in H-Town. Taking a break from their group efforts, Fendi is focusing on the preparation and release of his upcoming solo project, “Creme De La Creme”.

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Grease Is on the Move: A Conversation with Wes Blanco

When you think of Houston you think, DJ Screw, Pimp C, codeine in double cups, swangin’ in old schools with the ‘bows poking out and that Southern feel — at least when it comes to the music. As one of the major and most populated cities in America, you think versatility, openness, diversity. All of those things are what truly makes Houston known for what it is. I had the opportunity to chit-chat with one of Houston’s upcoming artists, Wes Blanco, and talked about influences, important things to consider in the game, past encounters that have changed his style and exciting things he has coming up in the future.


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