The Rundown: Ca$h Fendi


Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Oaks 

As the news for Harvey rocked the world as it did to Houston, The Bayou City is need of support more than ever from this time. Not only in the spectacle of giving families what they need for their restart at life with clothes, shelter, food, and more but the union of the creative scene is in dire need of an emergence that can bring Space City to the forefront. 

Houston has made its own headway with marketing their beloved artists to multiple sources of press with the likes of Rocky Banks, Wes Blanco, Doeman, Tim Woods, and more. As the scene continues to flourish with more budding artists coming splashing on the scene, Ca$h Fendi of The TRBE has been making sure to the keep the Northside of Houston relevant with his music. Starting a following with his group member, Se7en, the duo has crafted a string of singles like “That Loud”, “Couple Bandz”, and “Fuck 4th Quarter” that has caught the eyes of many in H-Town. Taking a break from their group efforts, Fendi is focusing on the preparation and release of his upcoming solo project, “Creme De La Creme”.

We recently linked with Fendi to talk to him about his upbringing, his love for lyrical rap, the origin of The TRBE, and more. 

How’s Your Modern Life?

Great play on words lol , but i'm chilling & working these days . Tryna get this project to as close to perfect as I can.

 What are three things you have to do when you wake up?

Besides the usual shit, ya know? Uhhh smoke a sweet or hit the bong. Check a couple of my favorite socials cause for some reason that shit like the news to our generation lmao and just listen to music, beats n shit.

Coming from the north side of Houston, how was your upbringing?

It was hard, unstable home nshit. Shit wasn't all bad but it wasnt 100. I didn't grow up in big ass houses or nun like that, I was raised mostly in Acres Homes and Greenspoint. When I was younger, I thought living in those apartments was like living in a loft or condo lol . It was cool, my mama, lil brother, and I had each other so that's all that mattered to me.

Coming up in Houston, the north side has birth legends such as Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Michael 5000 Watts, and more. How do you feel like you’ll be able to contribute that side of the city’s success?

All them greats just paved the way for my generation. I think I can bring a lil more diversity to it . I'm a Houston nigga but I try not to sound like "every other houston artist". Straying away from the typical "I done came down & man hollup" flow, I try to be different with it. You can still tell I'm Houston, the way I say the shit I be saying tho lol. 

Speaking of influencers, who were some of your musical influences while you were growing up?

I'm a big fan of lyrics & metaphors nshit like that. When I first started writing verses, I was in maybe the 6th-7th grade . I'd have to say Lil Wayne, Cassidy, Fabolous, and Juelz Santana are my favorite lyricists. You know , niggas that was really sneaky with they bars around that time, 

"Creme De La Creme" means best of the best. Even tho statistically speaking I'm not there yet, where else would I put myself? Gotta have that mindset, regardless of what anybody says, you always gotta think very highly of your self. Stay humble but always bet on ya self with everything."

Lyrical artists have been a thing of yours you mentioned in the past, how much does lyrics play into your delivery of your music?

Well again , bars is everything to me . You can do so much in 3-4 minutes while using a banging instrumental. But if the lyrics don't make sense or stay on topic with your hook then your song is a L. I try to paint a picture with everything I say , sometimes that picture turns into a "visual movie". I love shit like that. 

You’re currently transitioning into making your first solo project, but before you were pursuing that you were much involved in your group, The TRBE. How did you and Se7en come together to form this group?

Well a couple years ago, he ( 7 ) came to me & told me he was ready to take music seriously. The battle rapping was cool but he wanted longevity. He knew I had always wrote shit, participated in a couple cyphers & that was enough for both of us to decide to do it for real. We brought Sicko along cause he mindset was where ours was . It's forever TRBE but we just taking a different approach. one make it, we all make it.

Speaking of your solo project, why did you choose “Creme De La Creme” as the title for it?

Well in french, the phrase "Creme De La Creme" means best of the best. Even tho statistically speaking I'm not there yet, where else would I put myself? Gotta have that mindset, regardless of what anybody says, you always gotta think very highly of your self. Stay humble but always bet on ya self with everything.

What are some goals of yours for the release of this project?

The main objective is to broaden my fan base. I gotta have ppl talking about me for all of 2018. Another one within it's self is to gain diversity within those fans , real reason I try to do records that everybody no matter the gender, race, background or upbringing can relate.

How do you want to make a splash onto Houston’s radar with this project?

I want people to respect the side of hip hop that truly birthed it . The lost art of bars . No disrespect to no forms of rap cause honestly I love it all. The true mean of rhymthm and poetry needs to make a reappearance to the game. 

What are three things you want to accomplish before you the year is over with?

Uhh 3 things that I strive for by the end of the year would have to be getting better at decreasing negative energy. I tend to let my self get worked up over small shit the other two is prolly lock down this lil braud and make sure the project is top notch.

How do you want to be remembered when it’s al said and done?

Man at the end of the day, I just wanna be one of the greats . Fuck the numbers, fuck the money and accomplishments. I just wanna mentioned in the same conversation as Pac, Biggie, Hov & em. I got a long way to go but my mind in the right place & I'm surrounded by the ones that wanna see me get there. It won't be long. 

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