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The Rundown: Lonny X

Coming a different perspective than the two artists before, Lonny presents a more rowdy yet intriguing figure to his foundation of music. You can hear it in his project, "Money Year: Very Bad Influence" to some of his more recent material, Lonny is moving at his own pace and winning his own race. The visuals that he releases depict the modern day set up of CT and how one can emerge from that area. 

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The Rundown: Say Kuro

Following the lead of K$ubi Kayy and 203Noah, Say Kuro makes a huge splash onto the pages of MLM with his abstract delivery and smooth presentation with his music. From his releasing his project, "Exit 7" to some of his latest singles like "Pop One", it's safe to say that Kuro is carving out his own lane in the Northeast music scene. 

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The Rundown: 203Noah (Cash4Gold)

This time we leave the beach vibes of Florida to make our way to concrete jungles of the Northeast where we get familiar with one of Connecticut's brightest visionaries, 203Noah. Noah has carved out his own lane with diving into vintage fashion with his curated closet, Select Selection to being a mentor to the likes of Lonny X and K$ubi Kayy to hosting your favorite events in CT. He's been a jack of all trades, and he aims to go even further with his work in years to come. 

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