The Rundown: K$ubi Kayy

Written by Waylon O'Day

All the way from Connecticut hails an MC that has been steadily building his unique sound that is just as much in line with Playboi Carti’s as it is Casey Veggies’ sound, his name? K$ubi Kayy.

Kayy has an uncanny penchant for writing some ridiculously catchy hooks, “Designer Dreams,” is a perfect a example of this. On top of this ability, Kayy is also one of the more versatile rappers out there, just as comfortable tearing the roof of a venue as he is smoking out the same building. Just by comparing “What You Do” with “Scared Money,” it’s hard to deny the man’s adaptability when he hops on the mic.

K$ubi definitely has the intangibles that one needs to be successful in the over-saturated environment that is the hip-hop genre, the only question is whether or not he will continue on the path he’s already started or just remain complacent with where his music is at now. Kayy is already miles ahead of many of his contemporaries, but that doesn’t mean that he can stop growing as an artist.


How is your Modern Life?

My modern life is epic man. I wake up every morning thanks to God and get to it. I try to do something new everyday, I record everyday and just try to get the best out of my 24hrs. Shit has been picking up so I just been going and soaking everything in along the way.


What kind of impact does fashion have on your music?

Fashion has a major impact on my music, as a fan of music I loved when Ye or Jay would talk that fly shit. I’ve been making fashion references since I started.


What first made you get involved in making music?

I come from a music oriented family. Musicians on both sides. I have Gospel artist, R&B Artist, I just so happened to go full throttle with Hip Hop.

Who would you say are some of your biggest musical influences?

My older cousin PD3, Kanye, Charles Hamilton, Jay Electronica, Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson.

"I can’t speak for everybody but my ambition and drive most definitely. My work ethic speaks for itself, if you know you know"

How would you describe your sound?

Me, I love every genre of music. My ear for music, my range, my voice. I’m mixing everything together and bringing this funk.

What do you think separates you from your contemporaries?

I can’t speak for everybody but my ambition and drive most definitely. My work ethic speaks for itself, if you know you know. Lastly the sound, I’m getting compared to greats already and i’m only continuing to progress. I’ve always been dedicated and Ima make it happen.


What is it you hope to accomplish when you’re done making music?

I hope to be able to fade from the light but never leave the scene. Tap into Making/Producing Movies, Fashion, Owning businesses, making sure my brand and my team is straight FOREVER. And making art that’ll live forever.


What has been the most exciting thing that has happened to you since you started making music?

Everything so far, there’s so much to come and way too much in store. I’m just counting all my blessings.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Expect Major Things From yours truly. Sponsorships, classic music, deals being offered and the hate to increase.

What would you say to someone who is trying to make their own lane as a MC?

Ask yourself is this something you’d do for the rest of your life without compensation. Ask yourself are you prepared for everything this brings you, good and bad. Ask yourself why you fell in love with music, why you want to emcee. Go get that shit man, everybody ain’t genuine in this game, be careful be smart and have faith.

Stream his project, "The K$ubi Effect" below // Follow him here.