Houston R&B Badboy, DONTASKGEN Is Gearing Up for his project, "DONTASKFORLOVE" and Here's Why You Should Tune In


Written by Greg Harris

Looking at the modern infrastructure of the Houston music scene, it’s safe to say that it’s primarily geared towards rap. You may have acts that may dip and dabble in other genres per say but it’s not anything out of the ordinary to have some of the most dominant acts in the city deliver some of the most fire bars to you on a weekly/monthly basis.

Given this concentrated space in this art, it can leave room for others to prosper or it can allow some to be caught in the traffic jam of acts that’s trying to make a way for themselves outside of the city.

While some may be still be finding their way in the game, North Houston’s own DONTASKGEN has been in preparation for possibly one of the biggest projects of his career with his upcoming release, “DONTASKFORLOVE”. Laying down the foundation with various singles and visuals, GEN is looking poised to deliver some of the freshest that carries a concept that listeners can get fully engaged in.

DONTASKFORLOVE is a tale of a man going through various cycles of his current life getting over a long relationship he’s just getting out of but it also shares the tale of a man evolving in the process as well. The correlation of both large feelings puts GEN in a different class of artistry in regards of the Houston soundscape and it’s also propelling his work in a forward direction. You see that with the efforts of “Scene”, which landed on the pages of No Jumper and songs such as “Entertain Me” and “Here For You”.

As he’s moving on a positive trajectory as far as his career goes, expect for this project to not only ascend his moves with his music but for more fire material to surface before 2019 is over with. This project will only be the start of new beginnings.

Check out some of his material below.