The Rundown: BigBabyScumBag 

Written by Greg Harris

The Rundown has become the splash page for some the brightest artists in the game right now have voice their thoughts about their careers and their paths to greatness. In the past, our alumni features some of the best in their respective states and we bring another star on the rise that goes by the name of BigBabyScumbag. 

Delivering a different sound and having no relation to BigBabyGucci, Scum provides a southern retro flavor that boasts his liking of crab legs, gold teeth, and repping the Florida lifestyle by any means in his songs and visuals. We got to hip to his sound with the exciting visual ode called Jamesis Winston, where relaxes poolside with beautiful ladies, throwing footballs off the balcony in a condo, and even having a cameo from the Milwaukee Bucks forward/center John Henson. Aside from this video, he continues the same trend where he delivers a prime southern recipe in his music and let's it be acknowledge at the highest level possible. These traits that he has just goes to show how he's on the cusp of making it to the big leagues soon. 

We recently caught up with him to speak about his upbringing, his love for grills, being inspired by Lil B and OJ Da Juiceman, best restaurants in Tampa, and more. Read the interview below. 

How’s Your Modern Life?

I’m living. I'm just taking things one day at a time.

What are three things you have to do when you wake up in the morning? 
Very first thing is check my emails. I literally roll over and lift open my laptop. Secondly, catch up on whoever I left on read the night before, or anybody that hit me while I was asleep. Third, make breakfast or brush my teeth.

Being in Tampa, it’s a different experience than coming up in other cities in Florida. What makes Tampa so special compared to the rest of the Sunshine State? 
I can’t speak for other cities because I honestly don’t go to other native Florida cities too much. Tampa is dope though. We’re one of a kind. If you seen majority of my videos, you’ll know what I mean.

You have a lot of football references in your music, did you play any sports before you were rapping? If so, how was your sports career? 
I played football all throughout my junior high years. I played for this Pop Warner team called The Wildcats. I was one of the bigger kids on the team, so they put me at the offensive and defensive line. I thought I wanted to take the whole football thing all the way seriously and eventually get a scholarship but that all changed when I got to high school. I was introduced to skateboarding but that’s a whole other story.

What moment in your life do you remember the most that inspired you to rap?
I’d say the moment that inspired me to rap the most is the 08 - 2012 Lil B era. He was dropping a new tape just about every month during this time. He’s without a doubt my favorite artist of all time. His music got me through a lot of shit during my teenage years. He made it cool to just be yourself and say whatever you wanted without second guessing it and that’s exactly how I approach my music today. I’ve always looked up to Lil B, shout out The Basedgod

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a Florida artist? 
Advantages are we have the underground on lock right now. Everybody’s eyes are on Florida and it’s fucking dope. We have been slept on for quite some time but we’re finally getting the shine we deserve. It’s coming from all different angles too. From X, to Wifi, VR, Purpp, Pump, Kodak, Buffet Boys, etc. Florida is like one big high school. Everybody knows everybody one way or another. The disadvantage would be hating ass niggas that's from the same region as you and they don’t wanna see you prosper, but people deal with that no matter where they’re from.

What are three must go to spots to get something to eat in Tampa?

Krispy Krab. They have the best seafood out here. Crabs, shrimp, crawfish, mussles, clams, fried fish, whatever. I used to not even be into seafood like that until I started going there. I’m hooked now (no pun intended)

Salems. That’s the gyro and wings spot out here. That’s the food spot i was in for the Jelly video.

 The third is a Mexican food truck called Los Comparres. Pablo put me onto this one, that’s my cameraman. He won’t eat somewhere unless it has a good review on Yelp. I swear he uses Yelp religiously. If there’s no review, he’s not fucking with it haha.


Who are three influential artists that carved your sound?
Lil B for obvious reasons. OJ Da Juiceman, & of course Gucci Mane. That’s all I listened to when I was younger and still to this day. The music speaks for itself. 


You’re a collector of gold grills as we see in your videos, what does the gold grill mean to you as artist from the South?
 I’ve always admired gold teeth. I remember watching old Cash Money, No Limit, & Wu Tang Videos and all those guys were iced out. I looked up to those guys, so I wanted gold teeth too. ODB had the gold fangs in the Brooklyn Zoo video. That’s the first time I ever saw something like that. My dad has permanent gold teeth. He has different designs in each tooth. It runs in the family

How do you feel like you’ll be making an impact in the industry for the rest of this year? 

Most definitely. Me and Pablo gonna keep dropping these visuals and doing the same stuff we been doing. I’ve only been progressing so I'm doing something right. I got a few surprise features on the way too.I just might have my first project ready for the world by the end of the year, who knows. 

How do you feel like you set yourself apart from the large pack of “SoundCloud Rappers” ?
I don’t sound like any of these guys. I get Young Dolph, Gucci, OJ & Gleesh comparisons all the time but I'm fine and cool with that. These Soundcloud rappers get compared amongst each other because the majority of them sound the exact same haha. I bring my own flavor to songs. You know it’s a Big Baby song within the first 10 seconds of the song. Adlibs, beat selection, voice, all that. No gimmicks, no dickriding, just cool music. What you see if what you get with me. 

What are three things you want to accomplish before you die? 
I wanna own my own business and be able to give people job opportunities. Buy my parents a car or house, whatever they want. Lastly, become a household name worldwide.

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