The Rundown: Austin Dowdy (Trial & Error)

Written by Greg Harris

The Rundown interview series has always been a staple to what Modern Life Mag represents and how it includes the age of the next. In this series, we normally focus on the aspects of music but we wanted extend it to the rest of the creatives as well because this is introductory platform we use to get our readers familiarized with these bright individuals. 

Coming from Palm Beach, Austin Dowdy has curated one of the freshest clothing lines that city has to offer along with organizing some of the best shows down there as well. We really introduced to his work through other writers in the Florida area, they differentiated themselves with their sleek concepts and cutting edge designs. Dowdy is a trendsetter in his own right, and it's clear that he's paving a way for Palm Beach residents on brand presentation and show curation. 

We recently had a chance to speak to him about his brand Trial & Error, living in Florida, what his goals are, and more. 

Read below.

How’s Your Modern Life?

To be real, I'm just a normal person. I quit my job back in January so I have more time to focus on our concerts and fashion.

What are three things you have to do when you wake up in the morning?

I gotta take a shower lol. It wakes me up and helps me get my thoughts straight. Then I usually meet up with my team out here and we jus spend our days creating and scheming.

Living in the West Palm Beach and Georgia areas, it’s on the map but some folks are still unaware of the lifestyle there. Describe you all’s upbringing there?

Well I was born here in Palm Beach but I moved to Dallas when I was 8. Dallas really molded me into who I am, but once I moved back I noticed drastic changes in the music scene. I've been saying for a while now that South Florida is the next Atlanta with the way all these artists are coming up and helping each other.

Before you all were diving in the arts, what were some things that interested you when you were young?

I was still big into fashion bc my mom was a GM at Footlocker when I was jitt, and I was also big into basketball and tennis.

Coming up in Florida, it’s a place where indie brands prosper like Stray Rats and Andrew Downtown make big splashes but what inspired to start your brand Trial and Error?

Really, Trial&Error started out as just a group of friends and we called ourselves Ratchetmobb. I decided I really wanted to take it serious. All my friends were making music so I wanted to make clothes. I chose the name Trial&Error because that's what life is all based off of. You live and learn.

How do both of you want to cultivate the creative scene in the South?

Honestly the south has always been known as the area with the trap music, chopped music, sped up songs etc. as far as fashion, it's flashy. I want the music scene to be versatile, not just labeled and thrown in a box. For fashion, I'm trying to bring the minimalistic fashion back.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a creative from the Southeast?

Advantages are is that there are so many people here it's so easy to spread your work if you do it right. The major disadvantage is that everyone wants to be an artist now and not everyone wants to work together, but when they do work together it's unstoppable. I think that's been proven.

"I want to take back what's ours. All these greedy people are controlling the industry, taking advantage of the youths talents."

What are three things you want to accomplish by the end of 2017?

Collaborate with another big 'indie' artist. 2016 we had Odd Future and Smart Stunnas. I'm aiming higher this winter. I want to throw three more concerts and finally I want to release a collection.

What are three things you want to improve on in your creative industry?

I want to take back what's ours. All these greedy people are controlling the industry, taking advantage of the youths talents. I want to help people remain indie and build their own label instead of signing to someone like Sony.

What are three things you must do with your brand before you die?

I really only have one. I want to throw the best hip hop music festival our generation has ever scene. Better than Rolling Loud, better than The Carnival and ComplexCon.

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