Drawing Outside The Lines: Father Nico

Written by Norrin Nicholas

2016 has really been the year of the creative if we’re being honest. Yeah Ok, so a lot of rappers made their debuts this year… Wow… Cool… but when does that not happen? Every quarter of a year some new artists is music is getting noticed and getting the shine they so deserve, right? This happens almost every month while the other creatives who lend their hands to these artists to help convey and express their image through their art are HEAVILY ignored. But like I said, this year has been a moving year for many artists, moving straight into the spotlight they so TRULY deserve. One creative has had an excellent year being himself as well as changing the ways people saw him and his art with every creation. That one artists is FatherNico, the mysterious young artist stealing the eyes of the people and putting them right onto his work. As vague as the young man is I got the chance to speak with Nico and get a better look into the foggy, abstract drawing on the window of your car in the rain that is… FatherNico himself. 

Who is FatherNico?
Fathernico is an Art Director. A confusing one at that, I really feel like Fathernico is just the more visually creative side to me.

How did the name Father Nico come to play? Is there any significant meaning behind it?
Yes and no. I grew up without a father, so I "fathered" myself. I didn't understand why that name stuck with me until I realized that's why I liked that alias. Initially, I think a friend called me that because apparently I act like an old person.

Did the name come before the art? or did the art influence the name?
The art definitely came first but the art had a big influence on the name too,  "Father Nico" started to make sense because a lot of my personal artworks are really political and sometimes religious hence the "Father" part and offensive to some people. Lol I've had to filter myself a little recently.

Where does the inspiration for your art come from?
My inspiration really lies in everything, but my favorite places to pull from is jazz music, tragedy, politics, and religion. I also always keep my iPad with me now to jot down quick ideas walking through the city, and also my city. Atlanta is the most beautiful place I could be.

How would you describe your style of art?
That's actually hard because I see so many different designers have this distinct style like my friends 'Kodone, Jrrdn, Geo, etc they all have very identifiable touches and with mine I have absolutely no idea how to describe my style because I regularly jump from style to style, you can blame my ADHD. I think I just get bored easily.

Do you see your style changing anytime soon?
It changes all the time, I have no idea what I do that'll be the same if I do it twice.

Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?
Concentrating on my brand and turning it into a fundraiser. Work for Donda. Work for Square Enix. Open my own studio. Open my own design school. Those are my public goals I'd like to achieve in whatever order haha. As for short term, I'd like to be comfortable And sitting in a jazz club somewhere in New York drinking whiskey and roasting my friends on the internet, like a scene from Cowboy Bebop or something

Is there any advice you could give someone choosing to step in your field of work?
Honesty, it's so important. Being honest with yourself and just being yourself goes a long way. Before you even touch the tools to start a design, STUDY. Look at the greats and learn what QUALITY is. If you don't know what's good design and how to appreciate it, how can you expect to make good design? Never concentrate too much on what the next designer is doing though.

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