The Rundown: Fa$e (Lil Facetime)

Written by DJ Syon Kream

In midyear of 2016, I was cyber diving into blogs on a quest to find some hidden gems. I ran into some pretty catchy music, and thought that this is most definitely a chance for me to put a spotlight on some talent. Me being a DJ I tend to have a sweet spot for music that can make the crowd dance. In the DJ world all that matter is your crowd control. Once I heard the beat to Lil Facetime's "Hol'On" track, my head started to nod and I felt the energy to dance and vibe. After touching base with him he seemed very humble that I took the time out to highlight this video. Lil Facetime has been making major strides since this summer on his quest for solidification in the music world. Linking with other artist in the DFW area, continuing to get the right videographers for visuals, to heading to Miami for out of state potential moves.

I remember discovering you this past summer. When digging around blogs I ran into your "Hol'On" video. What has changed for you since that time?
I evolve each day whether it's musically or something dealing wit my life personally. But ain't shit really change I'm the same lil nigga from da south my nigga.

What were your efforts in making a musical name for yourself in the DFW area.
I wouldn't say DFW area because I am not a local. My mind isn't local. I plan on global. That's the difference between me and other niggas. These niggas be focused on being cool instead of touching ppl in some way musically.

What made you start rapping?
I been wanting to rap since a lil nigga. And by lil nigga I mean 5/6 years old type shit my mama my witness cuh. But shit I just started two years ago and every since then I been keeping at it. I know I can give the game something different which is myself and how I come . God 1st always tho I wouldn't be doing what I want wit out him you digg.

Why the name Lil Facetime?
The way I got my name is from females. It's a long story but im gone shorten it.

I was homeless and my phone was off for 2 years. Girls start calling me that shit cause I would only talk to girls on facetime when I had wifi. It's weird a lotta girls would call me that shit lol but shit I just took off wit it and was like fuck it.

So you have two videos with two up and coming videographers. One being "We The Shooter" and the other being "Dance Dailey". How was the process in shooting these 2 videos ("Gotta Go" & "Hol'On”)?
The process of both were cool. All them niggas fuck wit me for me and they're genuine guys. I wish nothing but the best of success for them for real, for real.

What artist do you see yourself working with in the industry and why.
Artist I see working wit in the industry? Um Drake, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Uzi, Rocky or sum shit. Idk really, just gotta get in before I start thinking about who I'm gone do sum wit n shit. I'm focusing on me and making hits.

If you only had one meal to eat for the rest of your life what would it be, and why.
Pussy. Hahaha!!! I know it ain't no meal my nigga and ain't logical. But shit I would go nuts wit out it. But nah probably Barbecue Pizza I love that shit foo.

What is one thing that you can't live without, not including music or money.
I can't live wit out my family. That's what keep my mind right. And by family I mean every soul in my life cause they all mean a lot to a nigga.

Marry fuck kill: Rihanna, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj
I ain't killing or non of them hoes lol but I will marry them just to finesse. Oh yeah and I crack all them hoes too. You ask the wrong ignorant nigga that question hahaha!

2017 seems to be the year you make a major leap towards your goals. What can fans expect ?
Fans of mine can expect more visuals and by that I mean seeing my face more. Even better music. And something for them to talk about so I can gain a bigger fan base.

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