The Rundown : TayxSlay

The Dallas music scene has erupted in the past year. We have seen the likes of Rio Pourcel, Post Malone, Crit Life, G.U.N., and more make waves in the Triple D when it comes to pushing the sound. Along with the artists who's laying out the foundation, one must give credit to the producers who creating the blueprint for these artists. 

One of the primary men on the boards is Tay Slay. The young budding producer has produced for Bishop Neru, Travi$ Scott, Zeus Trappin, Trinidad James, and more. The versatility that's found in his sound is evident and that's why it was must for MLM to feature him on "The Rundown".

Read below our exclusive interview with Mr. Slay about his sound, the inner works of the Dallas sound, who he wants to work with and more. 


What do you go by ?

Tay $lay, Tay Slay, tayslay - people put it different ways.


Nationality ?

White but I'm some Native American too.


Born and raised ?

I was born in San Diego, California, but moved to Dallas when I was like 5 so raised in Texas.


Zodiac ?

Aquarius (February 15)


Alma Mater (if one) ?

Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, after I graduate in the spring.


Profession ?

I've interned for a couple professional sports teams during the summer but I won't know what I'm doing permanently until after I graduate college. 


How did you get the name Tay Slay ?

I really just came up with it on the fly one day when I made my soundcloud account. I couldn't think of anything else and the name just kind of stuck over time. I don't really like it honestly and I feel awkward saying it but that's what people know so it's too late to change it. 


How did you find your love for music ?

I've always liked music and as long as I can remember it's been rap music. I was in the band in middle school and played trumpet so maybe that's where my creativity came from.


How and when did you start producing ?

I had a pretty big knee surgery a couple summers ago so I had a lot of free time and I had made a couple beats for fun before (they were awful) so I just expanded on that and put more time into it and got better. I always wanted to be involved in music and I know rapping isn't for me so I gave producing a shot and so far it's worked out. 


How does your up bringing affect the way you produce music today ?

I was always taught to be creative and had freedom to do what I wanted so I have that mindset when making music. I just do what I want and make what I'm feeling at the time. Texas has an interesting musical style too so I was always hearing different things and sounds in music. 


What are some names you've worked with and some you would like to work with in the future ?

So far I've been lucky to have the chance to work with Trinidad James, Travis Scott, Soulja Boy, Bishop Nehru, Malcolm David Kelley, Ballout and Tadoe from GBE, Zeus Trappin, Eddy Baker, Fat Nick, Yung Nation, Pollari, IcyTwat, Key Nyata and a lot more. 

As far as who I'd like to work with I'd say Lil B, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, Kyle, Xavier Wulf, Post Malone and Makonnen just to name some. 

To date, what could you say was your best project ?

I had a couple beat tapes that I deleted off my soundcloud but those are the only projects I've done. But my best songs I've produced in my opinion have been Council Season 2 by IcyTwat, Whole Cup by Key Nyata, Run Pt. 2 by Pollari and Amazing by UnoTheActivist and Fauni. 

I'm also proud of a song I produced called Kylie Jenner. It got on the radio in Dallas, trended on the Billboard charts and Kylie even posted a video of her singing it on her Instagram so that was pretty crazy. 


What are your biggest influences?

A lot of different things inspire me; situations I'm in, my friends, artists I work with and hearing different things like samples I'll use or other music. Some producers I really like at the moment are IcyTwat, 40, Harry Fraud, FKi, LondonOnTheTrack, Daniel D'Artiste and Ethereal. My biggest influence is wanting to meet my potential to do big things and achieving my goals with this music. 


For summer 2k15 what songs are in your daily rotation ? 

All Post Malone and Carti songs, Leave It There by Makonnen, Johnny Cage by GUN, Rent4 by Lakim, Super Saiyan Trunks by Lil Uzi Vert, Double Cup by Riff Raff, Wrist by Fiji, Rick Ross by Soulja Boy, Antidote by Travis Scott, Myself by Nebu Kiniza & Makonnen & Key, Gazi by AChal, Sippin Tea by UnoTheActivist, Fiji Water by Lambs, and Self by Martin Sky. Oh and anything Future of course. I'm always listening to and finding new music so I can go on and on. 


As a producer where do you see yourself 10 years from now ?

I just want to keep making music that I like and working with artists that I enjoy listening to. I'm really having fun with it right now. I don't want to think of making music as a job and take the enjoyment out of it. Some goals I have though are to eventually expand into visuals and fashion and more and just taking things next level; not just producing but doing stuff other producers aren't and setting myself apart. I want Dallas to quit sleeping on me too lol.


Are there any upcoming projects ?

Yes actually, I'm trying to get together with some of the artists I work with and make a tape like Mike Will's Ransom project with all new songs produced by me. Have some crazy features people wouldn't expect. I wanted to drop it this summer but I've been focused on other things and placements, but it'll come when the time is right. 


Is there anything else you would like to add that I didn't ask ?

I just want to say thanks to everyone who's enjoyed what I make and supported me. For real, it's too cool. I would make music regardless so the fact that others like it is pretty rewarding. I have some really big plans and moves coming really soon that I'm excited about. I'm just a kid making beats in his room and I've been really fortunate to meet who I've met and do what I've done. This is just the beginning though trust me. And shoutout to Greg at and Modern Life for hitting me up to do this. 

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