The Rundown : ICYTWAT

It's a lot of producers who are providing their own lane when it comes to their sound but it's no one who delivers a more erotic sound than ICYTWAT. His smooth X-Rated vibes are accompanied by vintage artwork of your favorite bayside babes. This beautiful and edgy combination has the caught the attention of Playboi Carti, Awful Records, and more. 

The internet has played a vital role to ICY's success as well, he has a strong following on both Soundcloud (9k followers) and Twitter (4.5k followers). Using these outlets has made him one of the most interesting instrumentalists and that's why we had him on our radar.

Here's our exclusive conversation with Mr. ICYTWAT about his sound, who he would like to have on his covers, wanting to work with R.Kelly and more. 

Read below. 

How’s your Modern Life?

Pretty cool. I just chill and make music and shit. 


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Wild Ass Nigga 


What inspired you to start producing?

Trying to recreate Tyler the Creator songs on Mixcraft 5 lol. Tyler the creator is a big influence on me tbh. I also was rapping at the time and was too broke to buy beats Bc I was like 14 so I made my own. 


Your songs are sample heavy and they introduce new alternative sounds. How do you go about making your beats on a normal day of yours?

Honestly I try not to sample as much. Most of my shit is from scratch. Like all of my remixes are from scratch and half of the music on my SC is from scratch. But if I'm just making a regular beat I bring the keyboard out and go thru different chord progressions then I pick the right one. Then I find drums and shit that fits the flow of the chords and shit smoothly. 


You are the founder of Cruel Art Media, give us some insight on the collective and let us know what it’s about?

Cruel Art not a collective. Divine Council is a collective. That's my main set of niggas. That's my actual group. Cruel Art is more of just a bunch of friends coming together tryna help each other glo. It's really a bunch of people who I felt were talented and needed recognition so yeah, that's why cruel art was made. 





You remix a lot  a lot of songs, what has to be your favorite one you’ve done and why?

The White Tee remix Bc that shit is the hardest out of all of them and the first big one too. 


Your artwork has to be one of the key elements for people to get engaged with your music. How do you feel your artwork goes hand and hand with the music you make?

Well, I like bitches. And I like porn. Shorties always telling me my music make them feel some type of way and shit like that so like I base it around sex or anything sexual tbh. Also, my name is ICYTWAT lol. Kinda all comes together. 


In three ways, how do you think the internet has helped your music get to the masses?

Dude the Internet is amazing, without the internet my name wouldn't be out as much as it it. I wouldn't have the connects I have, and I wouldn't have a good platform to release my music. So the Internet really helped with that. 


What are three things you carry on a normal basis?

Carmex, money and my phone. 


Who are three dream girls that you would love to have on a ICYTWAT Cover?

Britne Oldford, Rihanna, and Kilo Kish


Who are three trap rappers that influenced your sound?

Trap rappers don't influence me tbh. Ion really listen to rap a lot of the time but my fav "trap rappers" would have to be Gucci of course, Bankroll Fresh, and 21 Savage. 


What are three things you want to accomplish this year? 

I've accomplished everything for 2015. I just wanted to get my name out there heavy and I did. For 2016 tho I really wanna work with Tyler the creator, buy my momma a house and pay off any bills she got or whatever. Like i want her to wake up with no worries. I also wanna work with R Kelly. That's about it. 

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