The Rundown : DJ Nick Marino of Marino Gang

If you're familiar with ASAP Ant, then you are definitely aware of Marino Gang. Coming from the Baltimore area, Ant recruited a vast amount of talent all around the country to complete Marino Gang. One of the key members who's played a instrumental part in the group is DJ Nick Marino.

DJ Nick Marino has made a name for himself with his consistency and persistence when it comes to breaking new artists. His dedication to do just that has put him in a position to showcase these indie artists a regular basis. He's close to delivering a 100 mixtapes of his own in his short career and it's seem as if he's nothing is going to slow him down from producing another hundred. 

We had a chance to speak to him about the advantages/disadvantages of being a DJ, why he think he's different other DJs, and more. 

Read below. 

How's your Modern Life?

My modern life is waking up praying to keep my faith up...rolling up some sour and grinding out with the music, keep being consistent to reach my goal.


How would you describe yourself in three words?



You're apart of the Marino Gang, how would you describe your role being pivotal to the group?

Im the DJ, the A&R. Making sure Marino artist are on the right path and and guiding them with whatever they need help with. 


You're work also have been a gateway for certain artists to get more exposure. How important is it for you to give artists and producers a platform?

VERY IMPORTANT. I dont always get my credit for putting artist on but its all good. It's important to keep giving these artist and producers platforms to keep the new generation of hiphop fresh with sound. Also different artistry. 


Besides some of the artists who are the Marino Gang roster, who are some of your favorite artists at the moment?

I like what everyone doing.  From the underground  scene to mainstream. For example I can go from Retch, Maxo Kream, to Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West. 


What are three advantages of being a DJ?

Always hearing the dope tracks before they released to the public, being able to still be in the background but on the scene at the same time. Meeting artist in person because the being loop on the internet really means nothing at the end of day.


What are three disadvantages of being a DJ?

Some disadvantages I have are not really getting enough respect for brining certain music to the table but it comes with the game...I really don't have to many disadvantages I just keep striving always thinking of the positive. 


What are three pet peeves you have?

Holding on to tapes for too long...artist acting Hollywood when they get on..and artist spamming there soundcloud links (lol)

What are three things you think that's sets yourself from any other DJ?

No offense to any other DJ's but I'm on some DJ Clue/DJDrama/DJ Screw shit, mix them all up and you got me.

A lot of DJs I know love being in the club but that's not all I want to be known for. I really do this shit. I want to do more than jus being in clubs and parties...I can do that and host artist tapes...A&R projects. Everything.


What are three things you want to get accomplished in 2015?

I'm at 76 Mixtapes but I wanna reach 100 before the year is over  , make sure "Big Payback 3" is already in every fans playlist & continue to prosper like I been doing. My main goal is being a a&r for a major record label 

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