Status Boys member, Lord​Slaaat introduces himself in prolific fashion with his project, "W.A.N.T.S"

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 10.36.55 PM.png

Written by Greg Harris

If you’ve been following Modern Life, you’ll see how effective the sounds of rising Dallas collective, Status Boys featuring DENNIS and 99 The Rebel. These two have combined forces that shed light on evil but find versatile ways of allowing their light to shine in impressive ways of song delivery and production. Following the pack with his own material, you find the tight skill of Lord Slatt. Coming to the forefront with his new body of work, “W.A.N.T.S.”, he offers a turnt yet interesting direction on his creation. It’s something to be intrigued by and also lends an ear for what the creative scene is cooking in Dallas at the moment.

Check out the new project below.