Brooklyn's shining star, Krimelife Ca$$ doesn't let his foot off the gas with his new flaming single, "My Lawyer"

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Written by Greg Harris 

When it comes to looking at which borough has the most heat in New York City on the indie level, it's easily Brooklyn is one of the hotbeds in the "City That Never Sleeps". One of the consistent artists in the area is Krimelife Ca$$, a brash insightful lyricist who doesn't stray from telling you a compelling story or getting the party started with his hype-filled jams. In his latest offering, "My Lawyer", he points the mirror back on himself as he speaks on cases that he has to fight, legal advice from his lawyer, overcoming the obstacles that he's facing and more. The pain you can feel in his music makes him one of NY's most transparent artists in the scene right now, and with that he has a lot to leverage with his listeners. It's only a matter of time until the rest of the nation gets hip to his sound. 

Listen to the single below.