The Voice Of The Bay: Why You Must Listen to AllBlack


Written by Norrin Nicholas

West Coast Rap has made a strong effort towards putting their best artists on the forefront of the scene as an accurate representation of the music that comes from that side of the country. I won’t talk about it like it’s foreign because it’s not. However, over the course of these past few years, California rap artists haven’t been giving the spotlight they so truly deserve.

Instead, they’re cut off guard by out of area rappers coming to their homeland in efforts to push their music career. Yet some of the hardest artists in the underground barely have enough recognition on the internet to match their staggering streams and views on their work. In truth, it is the media fault for ignoring these artists in a sense, pursuing them away from a throne they were born less than an hour away from while others who have never seen outside their state gain free access to this promise land after a few repetitive hit singles.

With all of that said, these West Coast artists are not bitter nor are they even mad. If anything, this is fuel for them, to continue to push themselves with their own fan base and supporters, knowing that the real will be recognized when the longevity of these artists starts to flicker away.

By now, if you haven’t had your eyes on this up incoming West Coast artist, let me be the one to put you on game. Coming in from Oakland, California rapper AllBlack hits the scene hard with his newest album “KimSon” a very heavy, true west coast sound to match his more experimental, old school California flow. AllBlack has a masterpiece on his hands if I must say so myself. From the beginning of the project with the first song “Locker Room” all the way to the last with “Searching” AllBlack approaches multiple different styles of West Coast sounds and moonwalks over each with ease. If you haven’t heard “KimSon” I suggest you use a couple of these links to open your eye to a world that has always been around, that you’ve never seen.

Listen to his new project, Outcalls and Kimson below