Shawn Scrilla and Hoodrich Pablo Juan connect for street banger, "Mulsanne"

Shawn Scrilla Mulsanne .jpg

Written by Greg Harris 

When it comes to the structure of music popping off in the South, it's surprising that South Carolina is experiencing a new renaissance with emerging talent such as NGeeYL, Yung Icey, Slime Dollaz, and more artists who are breaking the mold for the state to be on top. Another artist who's making a name for himself in the state is Shawn Scrilla. The distinctive rapper has made a buzz with his single, "Allat Cap", and he follows up with his new single, "Mulsanne" featuring 1017 Eskimo Records artist, Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Scrilla and Juan bounce off verses dropping designer raps and giving light to a potential hit with this heater of a single. With tracks like this coming up in his catalog, Scrilla is poised to be one of South Carolina's most vital acts. 

Listen here.