Orlando's next star Glokknine doesn't let up with his street banger, "Crayola"

Glokknine GIF.gif

Written by Greg Harris 

With the emergence of Kodak Black and Lil Pump, these two have greatly shined a bright light on the emerging talent that's coming from the South Florida area. Another area in the state that is catching heat with new talent is Orlando, and one of their frontrunners of leading their movement is young dread headed talented lyricist, Glokknine. Catching some heat with singles such as "Armed and Dangerous" and "JailHizeeBlues", he keeps unleashing more heaters with his new installment, "Crayola". The Gun-enthusiast anthem shows Nine and his crew holding folks hostage, toting by the lake, and an astray of trippy visuals to match. Applying pressure in this way, Nine will easily become one of Florida's most sought out artists to break in 2018. 

Watch the video here.