LAMONT & LUKRATIVE link up on the melodic single, "LONGWAY"


Written by Norrin Nicholas

Some take a quick rise to a shortfall in this industry of many different artists. Often some artists are brought on with very little experience and headspace as to where they would like to go in this game of chess we call Rap. Others, however, have come from long roads and perils journey’s to solidify themselves where they are now, hoping to look back on how hard they’ve worked themselves to get where they want to be. Today, Louisiana artist LAMONT returns from his short hiatus with another smooth banger “LONGWAY” produced by Lukrative. On this edge of wait at the laboratory, as he gets ready for a new tour, LAMONT shows off his value and longevity in what he does with this new single and gives you a good peek at what’s going on in his life and what’s to come forward.