Lil Candypaint flexes effortlessly in "Bussin"

Lil Candypaint.gif

Written by Greg Harris 

If you've been keeping up with the continuous growth of the underground scene in Georgia, then you have to be familiar with the likes of Duwap Kaine and Lil Candypaint. These two growing artists have been paving their own way for the younger generation and showing them you can remain positive, along with doing whatever you want, and showing artists from the South can be different in their own light. These forces continue to grow in his LouieKnows directed visual, "Bussin". You can find Candypaint chilling in an actor's chair, holding a glock, and chilling in a swanky Valentine's themed hotel room. Off the wall, abstract themed visuals is Candypaint's signature and you can find that once again here.

Watch it here.