The Royal Hendrick$ : King Hendrick$ proves why he’s Houston X Factor with New Music 

Written by Greg Harris 

The Houston soundscape has been one weird thing that has came into fruition with the likes of Trill Sammy and Dice Soho popping off due to their flossy rhymes, Maxo Kream’s clever killer wordplay, and Ugly God’s hysterical flows about booties and toes. Aside from the melting pot that resides in Southeast Texas, Houston has crafted a powerful for the rising star, King Hendrick$. Known for having impactful music videos and singles to follow, Hendrick$ finally press the much anticipated button of dropping his debut project, which a featured a string of singles that ranged all the way into 2015. These tracks have been a vault for quite sometime but it was a well deserved wait because it shows the versatility as an artist and what potential he has outside the Lone Star state. 

Listen to our favorite songs from the project here.