Billyracxx proves why he's Hip Hop's Catalyst on "Flamingos and Finches"

Written By Daniel Haynes

MLM Rating: 4 Stars

BillyRacxx aka Billy Ocean is back this year, this time dropping his latest album "Flamingos and Finches " for his eager fans.  The project is filled with the same complex sound mixed in between the melodies of techno funk and hard hitting baselines fan have come to love from the Orlando by the way of Houston artist. 

The 14-track project runs for over 47 minutes but offers more than a generic sound of trap music that most listeners would associate it with. In addition to smooth lyricism from Racxx himself It also features collaborations from OG MACO and Trae That Truth with an out-worldly like feel courtesy of Racxx's AnahatXMilytia crew. From the project’s intro, listeners get their first trip into space with different voices on having a conversation with one voice seemingly talking to itself. 

The voices cease and the music begin and the project is into the second track, Wonderland. It is easily one of the best on the album, with a techno sound in the background supplemented by a hard hitting baseline and lyrics that combine auto-tune with a slow drawl and hard-hitting punchlines. Wonderland is sure to have listeners bumping their head while being amazed. 

The project follows up its hot start with a runaway freight train of a track in Sign Language where Racxx does not hold back but goes all out in assaulting the beat with his words. For listeners who want the old-fashioned aggressive style of rap, this track brings it.

Also tracks which go hard on the album and show the complexity and diversity of Racxx are Karma Karma, Dropped Calls, Star Power. However the rapper saved some of his best work for last with title tracks Flamingos and Finches closing out the album well. With this new project, Racxx definitely shows why he is one to be noticed and that his complexity and alien like vision, could be the direction rap takes. 

Listen to Flamingos and Finches below.