MLM Premiere: Taren Tate x Vegxs - 808s and Lost Souls 

Written by Greg Harris

Modern Life Mag has always believed in being a platform for where we present new artists to the forenoon and one of the most interesting projects we’ve came across as of recent has been Taren Tate’s “808s and Lost Souls”. The mystique vibes that are delivered by budding producer Vegxs, who’s known for his work with Scott Brown, lays down a solid basis of late night vibes for Mr. Tate. The cohesion of producer and artist comes to full light with this project and it gives Tate the perfect sound to speak on imperfections and the love lost of a previous relationship he’s once encountered. The piece of work is not that long, but it’s a perfect introduction to both the artist and producer that’s on this project. 

Take yourself a listen and stream below.