1-O.A.K. embodies soulful sounds on “Riding In Cars With Girls” 

Written by Greg Harris

MLM Rating: 4.1 Out of 5 Stars

From opening the up album with a dusted off vintage sample to cruising down the playlist with modern eccentric sounds, 1 O.A.K. executes well with his latest project, “Riding In Cars With Girls”. The Oakland native picks up where the likes of Anderson Paak, SiR, and other California soul artists with bringing quality material to the table. The project doesn’t have too many features on it but that allows the project to soar in it’s fashion of providing eclectic sounds and doing it in a way where it’s reminiscent of the records that your grandmother or aunt would play in the living room while still staying within the confines of what it means to make good soul music in today’s time as well. It’s a fine body of work that may go unnoticed by others but if you keep a close eye and nice ear in the right place, he has potential to share this music to the masses and present it on a major scale for sure. 

Listen to it here.