LUCKI shares a piece of his rebirth on "days be4 storm"


MLM Review: 4.2. out of 5 Stars 

Written by Greg Harris

The Chicago-based artist, Lucki has grown and electrified the city’s music scene with his hazy rhyme scheme and live fast, die young subject matter he scribes about in his songs. His latest project, "days be4 storm" features two strong records “Sunset” and “Don’t You Love Me”. These two songs have the unique young rebellion imagery that Lucki carries and emulates the careless and fearless rockstar personality that Lucki is influenced by. From the project featuring Papikodone’s artwork to having quotables about taking too much X hurts his chest to saying “She’s a Sprite gal, she love those purple kisses”, LUCKI explores more expansive ways to express himself. Even though it’s a small piece, it’s a must listen.

Listen to it below.