Larry June continues to keep it smooth on his "Larry 2" EP

Written by Greg Harris

MLM Stars: 3.7 out of 5 Stars

In the midst of finishing out a strong 2016 with releasing his first major league EP, “Larry EP” and touring the country with Post Malone on his first headlining tour, Larry June has crafted a signature sound and garnered a fanbase that has catapulted his career. This level of momentum that June has gained is shown in his artwork, visuals, and delivery in music and it’s perfectly wrapped in that way on Larry 2.

The Six track EP gives off the perfect balance of bringing the sonic boom of the trap but also providing the vintage mellowness of California as well. The range comes from the records such as gritty life telling stories such as “I’m Just Askin” to the vintage ode to his caravan of ladies on “4 Deep” to keeping the importance of having the scale in the kitchen for his single, “The Scale”.



The versatility of music that’s being offered is quite refreshing and it gives the listener a chance to thoroughly get a feel for Larry as an artist and doing it at a chance where his music is at the best quality possible. 

Listen to his project below.