New TDE Member, SiR impresses ears with old school vibes on “Her Too” EP.


Written by Greg Harris

MLM Stars: 4 out of 5 Stars 

Aside from being one of TDE’s newest members, SiR is one artist who’s making his major league splash with his latest project, “Her Too”. The small soulful EP is filled with vintage ballads of keeping things cool, calm, and collected in the best way possible. The resurgence of neo-soul is producing this second generation of artists who are pushing the vocal medium of presenting sounds that provoke raw emotion while emphasizing the importance of keeping the groove. Some of the most notable records such as “Don’t Call My Phone”, "W$ Boi”, and “The Canvas” allows SiR to stretch his range of sounds and create new age vibrations for folks to enjoy. 

This is a project that you can enjoy while making your breakfast, but it can also be a nice late night groove you can smoke to as well. It fits well into its soulful pocket and it’s a must you add this to your playlist. 

Listen Here, get it from Spotify and Apple Music here