Ghoulavelli creates new anthems for young playas with "POLO" + "Red Mansion"

Ghoulavelli .jpg

Written by Greg Harris 

As we've been seeing the California sound growing more and more with artists such as Shoreline Mafia, Drakeo the Ruler, 03 Greedo, and others creating a new wave for the state, it's another artist from the area who's setting a different precedent for himself. Ghoulavelli is in his own lane just as DJ Quik was to the then rising empire of Snoop and Dre in the golden age of the West Coast. As others are riding the waves of the crazy lean culture in LA, Ghoulavelli is a participant in the action but he chooses to spread his vibes more on the spectrum of keeping things player and you can find that in his records, "Polo" and "Red Mansion". Both having similar sounds with each track but it's a consistent flow that shows the differentiation of what he can bring to the South California scene. 

Listen to the song below.