MLM Premiere: Kwasei La Flare - Get’n Paid

Crown Clique was our favorite collectives last year, due to their complexity and willingness to get the party started at every venue that they were turning up at. The party continues in Summer ’16 and it’s in full effect with the release one of their lead man, Kwasei La Flare’s song, “Get’n Paid”. The chasing cash anthem is supported by the Dante Castro directed visual that shows the collective getting ratchet and flexing in the best way possible. The New Orleans born artist shows growth with this song and plans to surpass expectations with releasing crisp visuals and firing impactful lyrics. This is the lead single from Kwasei’s upcoming project, Utopia, which is slated to release towards the end of the summer and we advise you to keep a close eye on what Mr. La Flare has next because you never know what he may have cooking in his kitchen.

Watch the Video Here.

Gregory HarrisComment