Wes Blanco - Real Quick EP

Wes Blanco Right Quick.png

Fresh out of jail and looking for fresh opportunities, Wes Blanco opened the flood gates with his critically acclaimed releases of “WesBeBlanco” and “Grease Is The Word”. Continuing to keep the ball rolling in 2016, Blanco has turned into one of Space City’s rising stars and accomplished much while in the process of doing so. Blanco unleashes his well anticipated, “Real Quick”, which features summer smashes “Mula Fiend” and “So Strong”. The seven track project features Curren$y, Skooly, and King TRAP and the production ranges from Ronney Villian, Benjamin Trill, and Fred on Em. The complexity that’s found on this project shows Blanco’s art in the best form possible and the scary thing is that he hasn’t reached his peak yet. As Blanco climbs the ranks, it’ll be only right to watch his ascension and this project is a great start. 

Listen Here.