Splashing In Effortless Fashion: Rizzoo Rizzoo and more Texas Talent rock out the inaugural, "Splashdaze" Festival

Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Taia Norwood + LovelessPremo

When it comes to Texas culture, it’s a lot of things for people to love and appreciate. Through the major cities and the small towns, it’s a lot to explore and the inaugural Splashdaze gave light to what borders outside of Houston has to offer. Taking place in the Lake Jackson/Freeport area, Splashdaze was the perfect oppourtunity to not only showcase new talent to the forefront such as Maserati Trey, RoddyRodd, AMIWRONG, Derrick Peoples, Yung Nuk and more. This was also a chance to blend these efforts with the local community with getting support from the likes of the Brazoria County NAACP chapter, Priceless Exotic Hair, Sweet Kutz, and more. All this to go along with the headlining performance from TSF’s own Rizzoo Rizzoo was a day filled with excitement to say the least.

This local function not only shined a lot of light on what the community is crafting but it’s showing what creative ideas can become a surge for what the community can become. Below we have an exclusive look from the event from Taia Norwood and LovelessPremo, check out the content and follow up with Splashdaze here

Check out the photo recap below.