Run-N-Gun looks to break barriers and break the indie music scene with their event, "Runnin' Texas"


Written by Greg Harris

Houston has to be one of the most interesting places when it comes to the natural state of indie music and looking to make a big leap when it comes to breaking the regional and national cycle. Although, Houston may be one of the premiere places for talent to emerge out of, it’s not necessarily a lot of platforms that artists and creatives can depend on when it comes to people breaking their material. Looking to do just the opposite and provide a way for a slew of artists, you have the likes of Run-N-Gun, an indie creative company that emphasizes on managing artists, distributing music, and throwing some of the livest events in H-Town.

Paving a new road for indie acts, Run-N-Gun has established themselves as one of the new pillars where creatives can not only work with one another, but it’s a premier networking base where you’ll have the who’s who in the city in attendance of these functions. As they continue to be innovative with their efforts, they look to do that even more with their new event, “Runnin’ Texas”.

In this new event, they present some of the freshest indie acts that look to make imprint known even more in 2019. The talent ranges from the rambunctious and electrifying talent of 9KTay, The off-kilter flows and unforgettable presence of UglySinceBirth, and the emerging skills of Hoodstar. The trio are placed as the main headliners for the show, but it looks like they will be surprises as well.

This isn’t going to be something you want to miss, especially if it’s including such a promising company and a group of artists who are destined for bright futures. Check out the details for it below and make sure you pull up!

Check out the details for the address below to go and listen to some of the artists material below.

The Silo

4601 Clinton Dr.

Houston, TX 77020