Bric's Birthday Bash // Bric Mason Birthday Block Party


Written by Greg Harris

The Dallas Hip Hop scene has always been a vital one that has given the Texas culture a different type of spice when it comes to the creative direction of their music. When it comes to influencers in the city that has been making change for quite some time, you have to mention the legacy of Bric Mason. The iconic hustler has earned his stripes in the game with working the likes of Post Malone, Slim Thug, Curren$y, and more throughout his career and he has certainly paved the way for many acts in the emerging Dallas scene that the world is getting hip to.

In celebration of his hard work, Modern Life went to cover his Birthday Block Party that featured performances from Curren$y, Larry June, Fendi P, and G.U.N. . Our staff photographer, Chris Simon has captured some images of the people mentioned above along with the likes of Emotional Xan, SSG Splurge, Activity Clothes, DJ Kelly Green, and more. 

Check out the scenes from the legendary party below.