A New Age of Rage : How FADE EM ALL + BBY KODIE can be at the forefront of the Houston New Wave


Written by Greg Harris  // Filmed by Kareem Kourouma 

In terms of the artistry that has festered in the newer generation of the Houston sound, it's been artists who have paved the way with old traditions of presenting different layers of gangster rap (Maxo Kream) and there have those who are fonder on their rise to success and flaunt off the testimony with icey accessories (Dice Soho + Trill Sammy). Both ways have certainly worked those artists and it's positioned the world to perceive H-Town in a new light. While some would say they opened the door to bringing more acts from Space City into the mix of the industry, it eventually broke the lock to floodgates of talent that's displayed not only in Houston but the state of Texas. 

In this growing process, you find similarities but it's quite interesting when you find differentiation. Acts such as FADE EM ALL and BBY KODIE fit a different mold of artistry that's spouting out the city. Both acts find definitive traits with meaning to rage and not fitting society's norm to fit their own needs in their art. KODIE uses a level of sarcasm and narcism that makes him into an undeniable star and FDA answers the question to expand the flexibility of punk music in a modern age. They recently had a show in Downtown Houston and it was filmed by the talented visionary, Kareem Kourouma

Watch it below.