Yachty's by the Slice: Lil Yachty x Famous Ben's Pizzeria Pop Up Shop


Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Photos by Ike Abakah

New York City has always been known as a place of much excitement and it's ability to make sporadic moments. During a normal day throughout the week, one would stumble upon some of their favorite food spots, but Lil Yachty's creative camp flipped the script with collaborating with neighborhood favorite, Famous Ben's Pizza to create "Yachty's Pizzeria". The renovated restaurant took the role of branding Lil Boat's name and face all over menus to shirts to bomber jackets. The pop up shop looked like a scene from Ferris Bueller and it was a lot of smiles and happy faces in the Big Apple. 

Check out the exclusive gallery that our staff photographer, Ike Abakah took there.